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Speakers, speeches, subjects.016:55, 13 January 2014
Topic's list for Newline 2014: Goals, tasks, suggestions, requests.015:02, 13 January 2014

Speakers, speeches, subjects.

Ok, who will we invite/convince to come over and do a talk?

Theme's? Anything goes as long as it is legal, fun and prone to draw an audience.

Erik (talk)16:55, 13 January 2014

Topic's list for Newline 2014: Goals, tasks, suggestions, requests.

Newline 2014

Goals this year: at least one hundred visitors.

Promotion: It has been pointed out that last year very little promotional activities have been deployed. Upgrading to the next level has been deemed desirable. So: focus for this year on more publicity. Goals at least one hundred visitors. Design and print flyer, poster, stickers, etc: Michael ( How do I spell this person's name?)and Hans Promotion towards other hackerspaces in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and England have been planned. Implementation by Bert, Hans, Bart etc. Promotion trough poster distribution in and round Ghent, anywhere "us" kind of people hang out. (Who takes the lead?) Promotion on our website. (Who takes care of that?) Promotion on other events. (One has been pointed out, do not remember the name.)

Material: Anything needed, from podium, light, sound, chairs etc can be requested trough Hans. (Provinciaal depot?)

Food: Thijs Roumor has it that more people felt they could contribute and suggested to split that up into different parts. E.g. Lunch, dinner, snacks, friday, sat, sunday clean up food. Also: not neccesarily all in one kitchen. Suggestions on the next meeting?

Kitchen: Back room to be used as kitchen and storage room during event. Suggestion has been made to have an extra table near the sinks in the hallway where warm and cold water is available. Also suitable for distribution of food.

Additional space: Most likely two small rooms available, not confirmed yet. For storage of access stuff unit 1.24 (Erik's space) is available.

Topics discussed but forgotten? Sorry! And add them to this list please. More info?

Erik (talk)15:02, 13 January 2014